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White as Wool  is a ministry of Christian women and men who have suffered from the choice of abortion.  Not only have they quietly suffered from this tragic choice to abort their babies, but they have also found healing and forgiveness.  They have each been set free from the guilt and the shame.  White as Wool Ministries is dedicated to helping you find the healing that only
Jesus Christ can bring.

The recent Estate Planning Luncheon with Attorney at Law, Dennis Jensen is now available for listening online. The hour-long seminar covered estate planning, revokable living trusts, wills, durable power of attorneys and living wills. Listen by clicking here.

In October, 2011 Bethany hosted a seminar on Medicare presented by Stan Brock of the Health Insurance Counseling and Advocacy Program (HICAP), a part of the Council on Aging of Orange County. HICAP is the recognized authority in providing unbiased state and federally mandated Medicare and related health insurance information in Orange County. Visit them online at www.coaoc.org.

CD's of the seminar can be requested through the church office. Or you can hear them online. You can find them by following the the Online Sermons banner above, selecting the link to recent messages, and locating under the titles, "Medicare Part 1" and "Medicare Part 2". If you'd like to download the mp3 versions

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