"Hi! I’m Bev!" That’s my usual greeting with someone at church I haven’t met before. I usually omit the part about being the pastor’s wife. I like to just be me and allow people to get to know me on that basis. In our Sunday night support group for women, the introduction we all use is very different. When it’s my turn, I follow the pattern of the others and I say, "My name is Bev. I am a believer in Jesus Christ. I am a child of God, and I am worthy." Sometimes those words can be very difficult to say because we don’t feel worthy, and we may not even feel like we are God’s child. The words are a statement of faith, but they are not just a statement of faith. Words alone can simply speak of doctrine that can seem cold and irrelevant on a personal level. Being a believer in Jesus Christ, a believer and recipient of all that Jesus Christ did through His earthly ministry and His sacrificial death, gives me a personal relationship with Jesus’ Father. God – the creator of the millions of stars in the universe, the one who breathes life into humanity, the sovereign who enacts His plan on the pages of history – this God is my Father! That gives me an identity that can never be stolen and a worth that can never be tarnished. I have all the rights and privileges of His child – He calls me by name, invites me into the security of His loving care and direction, grabs my hand when I stumble and helps me walk again. And God looks at me, and announces to the world that I am His special treasure. As you do, I fulfill many roles in life and I have things I can do well, but none of those bring the satisfaction or fulfillment that my identity as a child of God brings. And none of those provide the fact of unchanging and eternal worthiness that is mine simply because I am a child of God.

— Bev